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        1. 深圳市金銳顯數碼科技有限公司

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          CV3458SDM-A Smart integrated display solution

          日期:2019-11-07   類型:技術信息


          Based on Intel SDM-Lstandards, the smart PCB solutions are suitable for TV integretedmachine/digital education/digital signage/ white board..etc,Stable, highperformance, low cost and super thin design poweree by Intel Core i5-7300U/7200CPU, memory, hard drive,ATSC/DVB digital TV module, multiple input/output,perfect for home entertainment, office, education, restaurant, hotel, shoppingmall, business conference and public affairs display.

          ? Panelsupport: 4K, 60Hz, 10-Bit&2K,60Hz,8-bit
          ? Panelconnectivity: V-by-One, LVDS
          ? EmbeddedTV module
          ? Embedded SDM-Lmodule
          ? SupportsATSC/DVB digital TV
          ? Supportswindows system
          ? Supportsmultiple point touch
          ? PCIe expansionconnector
          ? Video inputs:
          ? HDMI 2.0
          ? HDMI OUTfrom SDM
          ? RS-232control
          ? Partnumber:CV3458SDM-A


          onnectivity Panel connection: V-by-One 60Hz 8 channel, LVDS (8 channel)
          Panel resolutions - standard: 4096x2160, 3840x2160, 1920x1200, 1920x1080
          Panel timing: Mini-dip switch select Colors: Up to 10 bit per color (ie 1.06 billion colors)
          Panel Power: Support for 12V&5v
          Backlight brightness control: Analog or PWM brightness control via serial port controller
          Connectors: Intel? SDM Small & Large slots
          PCIe slot
          Input: HDMI 2.0 (x1) 60Hz up to 4096x2160
          75Hz up to 1280x1024
          480p, 576p, 720p, 1080p, 2160p
          Function Interface On Screen Display (OSD) menu
          Functions can be called by buttons or IR remote control.
          Functions are also accessible via a Serial port (RS-232).
          Audio 8Ω8W output(from AMP) with OSD volume control & SPDIF OUT
          Power Multiple power connection options (5/12/24VDC): Internal & external connectors
          Other Internal USB connection for SDM board (USB 3.0x4),HDMI 1.4 OUT from SDM
          Status indicators on board: Dual color or LED
          Supports panel multiple point touch
          Plug & Play: DDC 2.0/1.4 compatible
          Reliability MTBF in excess of 30,000 hours @ 25°C (estimated)
          Warranty 1 years

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